Billy Leung began his photography work since the early 1990s, so far for 26 years , mostly related to TV commercials work . His works is a fusion of traditional film & digital imaging, by portrait unique sense of history and a vivid manifestation of the modern. From static to dynamic, cleverly use of light and shadow shown in his commercial artwork. His photographs have won many professional awards in advertising , such as Metro Creative Advertising Awards and Kam Fan Awards Gold for poster campaign . Clients include major advertising companies and well-known brands.

梁偉標 Billy Leung 90年代初開始從事攝影工作至今已經有26年,主要拍攝商業廣告相關的攝製工作。其作品融合傳統膠片的獨特歷史感與現代數碼圖像的生動表現形式,從靜態到動態,巧妙使用光與影的藝術,結合兩者呈現消費者面前。他的攝影作品獲多個廣告專業獎項,如金帆廣告大獎和Metro Creative Awards。服務的客戶包括各大廣告公司及知名品牌。